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  serie tier: revier I, 2005-06, standbilder aus dem videoloop, 0:15 min. /
animal series: hunting ground I, 2005-06, stills from the videoloop, 0:15 min.

  revier I revier I

revier I revier I

revier I revier I
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In five short video sequences Kim Dotty Hachmann gives an
unusual and fascinating glimpse of the animal. The sequences
reduce our metaphoric hints toward the animal sphere to nudity:
hunting ground I, II and III. burrow I and II. Covering her sex,
breasts and head with pieces of sumptuous fur, the artist is
rather marking the natural fierceness than civilised bashfulness.

In hunting ground I she is hissing and fletching her teeth furiously
at an imaginary intruder. The alien body and gaze are erased by
a fast zoom to the restriction of the picture plane.
Extract from the text by Ursula Panhans-Bühler