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Kim Dotty Hachmann deals with family related topics
including the current sociopolitical approach to families
as well as her very own emotions towards her family
life. Thus Kim Dotty Hachmann works with the public
discussion with reference to education, the Pisa study,
patchwork families and daycare centers as well as
personal questions related to her family.
Kim Dotty visually presents her family in short videos,
video installations and photo series in order to exploit
the complexity of visual, temporal and acoustic aspects.
Thus fantastic stories depict the opposites of indivi-
duality and community, intimacy and borders, power
and weakness in a humorous, poetic and sometimes
grotesque way. Kim Dotty Hachmann mostly makes
use of her own fantasy worlds to express her ideas.
It’s a conscious choice that she and her family act in
her productions. Kim Dotty Hachmann sees herself as
a modern day storyteller.

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